Paint The Old Radiator

For those who have rooms with traditional radiators, I suggest you to paint them in fresh colors in order to catch attention or simply to change the decor of the room and give it a personal touch. First of all clean the current surface to remove any dust or old chipped paint,then choose the theme from a varied of options and colors. Then simply paint the radiator as if you has a brand new canvas waiting to be filled with colour.

Blue radiatorView in gallery

You can use your imagination or try to make a model out of lines, follow the contour of the radiator or simply play with the shades and colours and you will be amazed by the result.

Yelow radiatorView in gallery

Multi colors radiatorView in gallery

Black radiator1View in gallery

Black radiatorView in gallery

Try to paint the radiator in a colour that will fit the general design of the room or, on the contrary, will contrast it so much that the radiator will stand out and bring a touch of brightness. See the picture with the yellow radiator and you will see what I mean. After you jump see more ideas!