Paint Me a Rainbow: Chic Home Accents from Across the Spectrum

It’s sometimes easy to find oneself in a color rut. Perhaps your living room has, over time, morphed into a beige and taupe yawn. Or your once-vibrant dining room is now a sad, neglected space of brown, brown, and more brown. Don’t be alarmed – there are so many options out there to add a spot of color, a little thing which makes a vivacious difference for the entire space! Here are some examples of how one or two pieces in a bright, bold color from the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet) create instant style and effect:


Bold front door

Classic wood chairs get a jolt of life in bright fire-engine red here. Paired with lots of other antique pieces, the red chairs add a contemporary vibe to an otherwise vintage space. The balance is perfect – vintage wallpaper and wood table tone down the red seating a notch or two, while the cleaner furniture lines (and modern hue) bring the wallpaper’s nostalgia into the modern day. Things here are looking uptempo without being sterile.


Bold front door

I can’t think of a better way to emphasize charming painted white wood paneling (on floor and walls) than with bright glossy orange Eames chairs. The smooth surface, bold color, and classic modern design look hip and fresh in this sparse yet cheerful dining setting. I love the nod to color with the yellow stool and book rack on the far wall, and a round black table keep things spatially grounded, but the orange chairs, for me, are what set this space apart.


Bold front door

When white kitchen after white kitchen are prevalent in home design, it’s refreshing to see a lacquered bold yellow kitchen to shake things up a bit. Cheerful, unapologetic, and sleek, this kitchen setup makes me want to rush in and help peel a carrot or two. The yellow cabinetry actually complements and balances the exposed wood beamed ceiling, which is also a nice juxtaposition with all the contemporary appliances. Go yellow or go home.


Bold front door

If you aren’t ready to take the plunge into bright, bold, in-your-face color, don’t worry. There are many colorful options out there that bring in colors in a more subtle, serene way. Take this vintage Italian kitchen, for example. Pistachio green is lightly glazed, adding depth to the surfaces without distracting from the beautiful color itself. Light accents (e.g., countertops, backsplash, etc.) keep things airy and fresh.


Bold front door

What charming country room can do without a charming country buffet? Sky blue, no less. Lovely details abound in this space. I love how the white horizontal wood paneling carries through across the door, and furniture is minimalistic yet still inviting. The legginess of the table and surrounding chairs balances nicely with the chunky distressed wooden buffet. The pale blue is a perfect choice to add a fresh pop of the outdoors in this simple, neutral space.


Bold front door

And last, but certainly not least, is an inspirational photo for us all: a purple door! Seeing this vibrant statement makes me curious about what’s inside the house…and if I saw it in real life, I would really look forward to seeing the rest of the space inside. And, really, what more could you want your curb appeal to say?