Packman-like chair

I am sure all of you have had your chance to play Packman, that crazy computer game where a little yellow guy whose name was Packman tries to eat some other yellow dots in a maze. Any way, I do remember that I spent hours on end playing this stupid computer game and one of these days I was trying to find some nice-looking chairs on the Internet when I suddenly saw a familiar face: my old friend – Packman. Well, the guys from Qayot design (Italy), the ones who designed and produced this unusual looking chair , call it Puofman, but the resemblance is obvious. I guess they just tried to avoid some copyright problems.

The base of this nice funny chair is made of wood,, but the cover is made of a protective fabric that is based on polyesters. It is soft and pleasant to be felt and it is also stain resistant. The elastic cover is available in more than one color: red in combination with white, beige and white, brown and beige, etc. You can choose the model that you like best and you can also remove the cover and have it replaced with another one if you like to.

The chair is made of two components that come together in an unmistakable shape : the round Poufman and the little square “dot” that had to be eaten (well, in the game it was also round, but they wanted something original…). So if you are a bit nostalgic after your adolescence computer game, buy this chair.