Paciugo Italian Contemporary Bed by Bolzan Beds

If you love reading a book before going off to sleep then take a look at the Bolzan Beds. The Paciugo bed with two built-in cushioned headboard enables you to flex it to suit your preference while you read, watch television, or whatever you feel like doing. This smart bed is available in variety of hues to suit your home decor.

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The design is simple and the colors are neutral tones of beige and grey with just a little hint of purple for contrast. The idea of flexible and comfy headboards is actually a very good one. This way you can be very comfortable while watching TV or reading a book or a magazine or even writing or doing some last-minute things on your laptop. The headboard in split into 2 pieces so that you won’t have to disturb the person sleeping near you .A very intelligent design indeed. Comfortable and practical in the same time. It’s not something that you find every day. I say you take advantage and purchase this bed now so you won’t have to worry about it later .Eventually you’ll need to do it anyway.