Pablo Piccola Table Lamp

I envy and respect designers very much because they do have a beautiful mind. They create new things every day and are able to see something interesting where the rest of us can see just something boring. Let me give you a clear example: this Pablo Piccola Table Lamp. I bet you would have never thought of designing a lamp that has a base looking like a garlic or onion. Well, this lamp has a very interesting design and is created by Pablo Piccola in 1993. The funny base is soft and pliable and is covered  in Italian glove leather. It is available in different colours, so you can customize it according to the general design of the room or your preference.

Piccola colors Pablo Designs

Piccola colors Pablo DesignsWhat is really interesting about this lamp is the fact that you can change its position in all directions and it will still remain firm and steady thanks to the unusual base that offers its balance. It is playful and clever and the actual lamp is made of aluminum, so pretty lightweight. The lamp works with a 35Watt Bi-Pin light bulb and has 14″ Height x 10″ in diameter. The item can be bought for $140 and will bring a touch of freshness and originality to any room.