P38 chair design by Owen Edwards

Owen Edwards, a young furniture designer, created this interesting chair design. The interior is lined with black leather upholstery for seating comfort and maximum hull in turn. The comfortable black leather upholstery is in contrast to the hard exterior. The chair is designed as a focal point in a contemporary interior.  The colors and materials are based on pure indulgence and luxury for the consumer. The P38 chair design by Owen Edwards is available for $6,340.

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The colors used and the neutral black and white. White on the exterior and black on the interior. A very nice and elegant combination. The curved shape is also very interesting and different. It would perfectly integrate in a contemporary home or even in a very modern office. It’s a very successful combination of looks and comfort. A piece that won’t get away unnoticed. Hopefully there will be more furniture pieces like this one, because it’s not that easy to match this chair with anything else that is not designed in the same style or colors or that doesn’t incorporate the same shapes and forms.