Oyster contemporary beds from Nest Italia

Whether we are awake or asleep, it is a fact that we spend a large amount of our time on bed. Although beds provide comfort during sleep, it is also found out that they can affect the quality of a person’s sleep which could pave way for sleeping issues to arise .The new collection from Nest Italia of contemporary beds called Oyster, boasts a rectangular or crescent-shaped headboard with buttoning detail, which makes its way down to the base of the bed for a total upholstered look. Also there are 60 pearl buttons which are removable , for easy clean.

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I’m not sure why this collection is called Oyster, especially in the case of the rectangular beds. It’s not like anyone has ever seen a rectangular oyster. The color is appropriate and the shape of the first two, so from this point of view there is a resemblance.

Quilted beds nest italia 1

I agree that these beds mush be really comfortable. You can feel how comfortable they are just by looking at the pictures. A bed like this would be more appropriate to a modern bedroom, but not a colorful and bright one. Again, I’m not sure what the price of a bed like this is, but it’s probably impressive. Nevertheless, the bed is the most important furniture piece from the bedroom, that’s why it’s called a bedroom. So it’s a good investment o buy a very comfortable bed that also looks good.