Owl table lamp

Owls are the symbol of wisdom, a link that goes back to ancient Greece where Athena, the goddess of wisdom, had an owl as a symbol. The Romans, however, considered the owl as being funerary birds. So there’s not a rational explanation for all these analogies.

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One thing is certain: the owl is a natural nigh bird so in this case I can see how it became the image for this table lamp. I really like owls, they are mysterious ad very interesting creatures. So I would love to have a table lamp featuring a sculpture of an owl, However, some people tent to be scared of these inoffensive creatures for no real reason, so they might not like the idea of having this piece in their home, but if you ask they don’t even deserve it.

The dimensions of this table lamp are 16″diam. x 20.5″hand the piece includes a 13W Compact Fluorescent light bulb, but 60W incandescent bulbs are also recommended. Te item is available for $99 and it requires assembly.