Oviella changing table for nursery room

Parents know that a changing table is a must-have. Once you see how practical it is you can’t live without it. Oviella is a particularly functional changing table. It was designed for Hülsta-Werke Hüls and it’s part of the Oviella Collection. The table is made of oak wood and it has a strong and durable construction.

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One of the reasons why this table is so practical is because if features an adjustable design. It has three different heights and it’s fitted on a 2-raster high lower section. This volume is available in two models, either with drawers or with flaps. Another great thing about this table is that, when your child grows up and doesn’t need it anymore, you can easily turn it into a desk or storage cabinet. The drawers or flaps are great for storing all sorts of things.

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The overall dimensions of the Oviella changing table are 81.2-100.4 x 97 x 75 cm. The height varies from 65.4 to 94.6 cm, according to the option you choose. The changing table comes in a beautiful lacquered finish and lovely pastel color. The neutral finish makes if versatile and easy to integrate in a variety of decors. If you decide to convert it into something else, you can also repaint it and give it a more vibrant look. The table’s durable construction will allow you to use for many years to come.