Oviedo Chaise

Locking for a little more relaxation,and for a elegant chair ? The Oviedo Chaise is what you need.Available for 1653$ this elegant centerpiece chaise features a vintage cigar-style leather seat with channel stitching and a woven leather suspension system, supported by a sleek, minimalist chrome base. With subtle curves to support the body at every turn, it’s guaranteed to be the most popular seat in the house.

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The frame of this lounge chair is the best of all because it is lightweight, aesthetically gather many positive points, is comfortable, but they require care.I really like the shape of the seat it curves back after you and offers a very comfortable and healthy position.It’s very important to buy new chairs that offer a healthy position.

The Oviedo Chaise can be used when you watch a serial movie or when you surf on the internet.Allowing you to sit comfortable and concentrete more on the work.