Oversized Vita pendant by Brian Rasmussen

Designer Brian Rasmussen has created a very modern and striking pendant lamp. This oversized piece will instantly become the focal point of attention in the room. It’s definitely an impressive design. The source of light found in the middle of this creation acts like the core of the whole structure. And all the other elements seem to radiate and come to life, activated by the powerful core from the middle. The light bulb is the hearth of the lamp, figuratively speaking.

Vita pendant by Brian RasmussenView in gallery

The radiating elements have an indefinite structure. They seems to have geometrical shapes, well organized structures, but from a certain angle the whole design seems random and with no coordinating structure. This is how a modern approach looks like. It creates a very artistic image that literary light up the atmosphere, regardless of the location.

This impressive and artistic pendant lamp can be placed in the living room, or even in the dining room or above the stairwell in a two-storey home that has a common room. The pendant is hanging low, but just out of reach, so it’s not going to incommode you in any way. It’s going to be placed high enough to keep it out or reach, but still in full view. It’s going to be the star of your home. The structure seems very fragile and thin, but this is just an impression accentuated by the soft curved lines.