Oven Lounge- Interesting Transformation

Some young designers with fresh ideas are constantly trying to develop new things  but with a retro look. We all are fascinated about that period of time in which stars like Elvis Presley or Marilyn Monroe lived.  Today , objects from that period of time are reproduced  to delight our eyes with their simple designs.

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We can see at any electronics shop retro looking radios but packed with modern technologies. The University of Cincinnati paid a tribute to those times by creating this interesting piece of furniture folding out from an retro oven.  At a quick look this looks like a  real functional oven, but taking a closer look and unfolding it  this kitchen appliance transforms into a very comfortable  lounge. The idea of embedding  a sitting element into a kitchen appliance is quite original and by bringing together two opposite elements into an unique structure a new concept is born.

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The newly created item fits perfectly into a minimalistic concept of interior design. Modern simple ,plain interiors   need one or two strong elements of design. This will confer personality to the chosen interior setting without overpowering and spoiling the desired theme with unnecessary objects.  The great thing about retro objects is that the color palette used for painting , contained faded colors and more pleasant to the eye that this modern white, combining them  just right it will result an elegant mix of modern interior with the nostalgia  of an era.{found on etsy}.