Oval Mirror With Leaves

Nothing is more personalized than a hand made object, something made by hand especially for you. You feel that a certain thing was designed and made for you and that it is unique. This oval mirror for example is really beautiful and nice, delicate and resistant at the same time. It is made of hand-forged iron and has a bronze finish. It looks great and the oval shape reminds you of perfection. The nice frame comes gently around a nice oval of beveled glass that reflects your face, but also embellishes your living room. The Oval Mirror With Leaves has two exquisite leaves on the side or on top if you turn it on the wall horizontally.

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This little detail is attached to the mirror and makes it even more elegant and you can use it to fit with the other objects in your home, for example a nice wall lamp that has some similar leaves matching. I find this mirror to be mostly feminine and elegant, classy and stylish, perfect for a woman’s bedroom , whether she is a modern business woman or an old fashioned retired woman. If you like it just like I do, you can have it for $670.