Oval Free Standing Bathtub

The bathroom is the please where you relax after a hard day at work or going throw crowded places. The bathtub is the best I would like to say piece of furniture where your stress will leave your body, and you will completely relax. The beautiful bathtub is perfectly made for you and your quality time.

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The bath tub has an interesting oval form, more like half an egg. It comes in a variation of white and black. The design of the bathtub was created by Rexa Design. The bathtub is created for one person. The design of the bath tub allows you to have a comfortable position. The bathtub has a pillow form, where you could rest your head when you’re taking a bath. The tub looks like a boat, so you will feel like riding the waves. You can sail where ever you want just by closing your eyes, and get in that relaxed trance state.

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It goes very well with a beautiful chrome tap. The VELA bathtub has a modern design that will make your bathroom very beautiful and create a relaxing look. The bath tub is an independent one and, if you have a big bathroom space, you could use the buth right in the middle for a more modern touch. Only with the vela free standing bathtub you can enjoy a super bubble bath, and you can play with your duck toys.