Outline Vase from Mocha

Summer is the season of flowers and beauty and life. And if you don’t have a flower garden and live in an apartment then the next closest thing to it is a vase full of flowers on your living room table. So if you want a cool and modern minimalist vase follow my link and visit the web site belonging to Mocha, an UK producer of home accessories. You will be able to purchase it for £39.99 here.

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Yuko Tokuda is the one responsible for the design of this interesting vase and, as you can see, this vase is not called outline vase for nothing. It really is the outline of a vase but made of porcelain, with the interesting choice of shape for a vase. Only this outline is empty on the inside and the place where you should put the flower or flowers. My guess is a single big flower is perfect for this unique interesting looking vase that is so delicate you can only hand wash it.