Outdoor Whirlpool Built-In MiniPool

Minipool is a combination between a swimming pool and a bathtub. It’s in fact a mini version of a pool but it can also be regarded as a more extravagant bathtub. The Minipool was designed in 2012 by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba for Kos by Zucchetti and it’s a part of the Outdoor Collection. It’s also a the first one of its kind.

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The ingenious Minipool is an overflowing rim tub in a free-standing version. The same model also comes in a built-in version. The tub features an internal tank that guarantees constant filling and automatic return of the water. It has a perfectly round shape and a very simple, modern and clever design. The Minipool was designed for outdoor use. Also, its large dimensions would make it very difficult to take it indoors. The two versions, the free-standing one and the built-in model have the same design, look and offer the same elements. The only exception would be that the built-in version is slightly higher.

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The mini-pool also features a circular bench that can accommodate up to 6 people. It offers hydro massage and hydro color with LED underwater fixtures that create a colorful effect while also heating the water. The pool/tub has a very simple but also very flexible design. The hydro massage system can be customized and adapted to suit each user’s needs and the intensity and direction of the jets can be adjusted individually.