Outdoor Modular Kitchens by Jcorradi

Are you looking for the latest outdoor kitchen furniture ? Well, there are many different kinds of outdoor kitchens on the market, the different designs offer anyone looking for an backyard kitchen a very difficult task of finding the kitchen of their dreams, but this one from Jcorradi is a must-have.These modular kitchens are available in a range of sizes to suit your outdoor space, from 1,000 to 2,600 mm.Made from wood and stainless steel, this outdoor kitchen is the perfect complement to your yard, deck or patio, with plenty of work surfaces, storage space and even a kitchen sink.

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Because they are made for outdoors and they are supposed to be used in nature, the support of the cooker and the stove and all the other appliances is made of wood and keeps its natural colour, adding just a bit of lacquer. The legs of this support that looks like a kitchen top combined with a cupboard are covered with steel so as to avoid deterioration. The modular system allows you to add or remove drawers as you see fit. It is very good looking and also very functional.