Outdoor Living room Ideas

The weather is so fine now that it’s summer and you almost don’t want to go inside the house if you have a nice outdoor area like a garden or a patio or even a terrace. The houses or the apartments are hot like microwave ovens unless you have AC so it’s a real pleasure to stay outdoors where the gentle wind breezes on your skin. Any way, I saw some of my friends moving their living room areas outside and I liked the idea.31View in gallery

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So you can meet all your friends there, in this specially arranged outdoor area that you can design yourself. Of course there are a few adjustments to be made since the furniture will stay out all summer, so it’s better to be weather resistant like rattan or wicker or any other similar material. You will find this furniture easily in the specialized stores. Choose a sofa and a coffee table or maybe a round taller table with three or four comfortable armchairs of a colour you like and then arrange this special corner.

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Use pastel colours for the cushions if the furniture is black or dark and use some shade if you plan to stay there when the sun is up: a nice big umbrella or maybe some separating walls or some canvas walls. Of course if this outdoor living room is on your terrace or balcony you won’t need these shades and also if you have some big leafy trees around the garden providing enough shadow. Any way, here are three ideas you can get inspiration from.