Outdoor LED swing

I’m sure you know how anxious kids are to just go outside and play, maybe have some fun in the park or just run around. If you’re living in a house and have a garden or an open space available, this wouldn’t be a problem. You can even set up your own mini-park for your kid. All you need is a swing, maybe a slide and lots of space.

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Swedish designer Alexander Lervik has come up with an interesting idea for a swing. It’s a Luminous swing, made of thick ropes, LED light and metal parts. The interesting part is visible during the night when this swing lights up, glowing into the darkness. It could look a little creepy when seen from inside, but I’m sure that for a kid it’s very attractive. It’s actually a good idea to make it glow into the darkness because this prevents your kid from bumping into it and getting hurt and it also gives you the opportunity to clearly see when he’s using the swing. Of course, the main purpose was to make it appealing for kids.

Luinous outdoor led swing 2

The LED swing is safe and easy to put together. It will probably be very appreciated by little children. It would have been even better if the LED light would change color or at least if several colors were available.