Outdoor Hanging Lantern from Shades of Light

The weather is lovely for this time of year, so everybody wants to spend as much time as possible outdoors. You go walking in the park, in the forest, near a lake when you are free, usually at the weekends, but when you have only little time you go out in the garden and enjoy the evening there. Of course, you will need some light out there and this Outdoor Hanging Lantern from Shades of Light is my recommendation for you. It is great to be used in a garden or patio, but you can also bring it indoors if you like.

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I know there is a great variety of lamps for outdoors, hanging or not, but I like this one because it combines in a very nice way the traditional with the modern. I mean the lamp is obviously modern because it uses modern materials like iron and 100 watt light bulbs that can be economic, too, but it is designed in a particular traditional way that is inspired from the Mediterranean culture. It has a metal scrollwork frame outside and a nice crisp white glass inside and this contrast shows incredibly well. It casts a gentle light that calls for intimacy and can be purchased for $199.