Outdoor Fireplace from Restoration Hardware

With summers arriving soon, you might wonder why we are talking about a fireplace but it is important that you notice ‘outdoor’ prefixed in the title. Yes, an outdoor fireplace can be a great idea not just for lighting up some late night fire in your garden or patio, but also for general ornamentation purposes.

Concrete outdoor fireplace 1

Restoration Hardware has designed what they call the River Rock Fire Bowl casted out of high performance concrete. This Fire Bowl serenely adds a lot of glamour to your exterior surroundings and it is very functional depending on the surrounding temperatures-as it can always warm up a gathering.

Concrete outdoor fireplace 1

Fireplaces are a very beautiful piece. They seem to be very appreciated and they have something very appealing. It’s even more appreciated now, since all the modern designs began to appear. This allows you to choose from a lot of different shapes, sizes, colors and designs. Some of them are more simple, other more sophisticated. Some have simple and quiet shapes and others have some really interesting features.

This fireplace design is created for outdoor use. It has a round and simple shape and it’s also very functional.  It can also be used indoors if you consider that it would look good in your home. It’s elegant and beautiful. A great addition to any modern, or even traditional home.