Getting In Touch With Nature – Soothing Outdoor Bathroom Designs

Although the system and structure of indoor and outdoor bathrooms are similar, the two types differ very much. Everything changes with the environment. Suddenly, taking a bath is a lot more pleasant and relaxing when you’re in the garden, surrounded by trees and vegetation as opposed to in a small room inside the house. But that’s not the only element that makes outdoor bathrooms so irresistible.

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A tub with an organic form or made of natural materials lets you better connect with nature and the surroundings. And when you have a tub like this one, there’s no need for anything else.

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Design an open bathroom if you really want to get in touch with the nature surrounding you. Imagine taking a bath and looking around to see lush vegetation, beautiful flowers and majestic trees.

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If you prefer something a bit more intimate, hide the tub behind tall plants, preferably in a corner. You can tuck it in your back yard and place it adjacent to your indoor bathroom.

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And if you really value your privacy, there are a lot of other options. You can design a bathroom that has both a shower and a tub and it can enclosed by walls or a green fence.

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If you prefer wood for your outdoor shower, consider a type that weathers beautifully and requires little maintenance.

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How about a quick shower before you enter the house. A feature like this would be useful if you had a dog.

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Conceal your outdoor shower by using natural materials that seamlessly integrate into the décor and by surrounding it with plants.

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Give your outdoor shower a tropical feel. It’s a matter of choosing the right materials, colors and accessories.