Outdoor Anchor Pillow

Pillows are meant to offer you some more comfort in your bed, to support your head while you are sleeping or watching TV and sometimes they can even be used to make your bed more appealing, more attractive. That is why most pillows are filled with feathers and are very soft. Well, I did say most pillows because sometimes people choose to have their homes on board some ships and in this case things are a lot different. When your bed is on a boat, whether it is indoors or outdoors (and it usually is out) you need a totally water proof pillow case, in case it gets dropped over board or if a rain falls from the sky or whatever other incidents may happen on water. This Outdoor Anchor Pillow is the perfect example.

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This unusual but beautiful pillows is meant to be used only outdoors and on sea, meaybe around it, too. That is why it is water resistant and is filled with polyester fill. It is made of woven polyester in Stone White / Evening Blue and looks very nice in the navy blue anchor against the white background. The anchor pattern is a marine hint that suggests life on water and has everything to do with outdoor living. It is imported and available for just about $31 on West Elm.