Our Zagreb House – a trio of homes by DAR612

This structure is located in Zagreb, Croatia. It’s a residence with three levels and three flats. Each level contains a flat with access to a terrace or a balcony. The project was developed by DAR612. This unusual trio of homes occupies a site measuring 1,000 square meters and it was completed in 2009. The residence benefits from beautiful panoramic views visible from all sides.

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The internal structure of the residence is very functionally divided. There’s a large residential volume and an office space that functions independently from the rest. Given the orientation and the shape of the site, the building seems to be lower on the north side. It’s because the attic is pushed back and the house sits lower in relation to the street level. Inside this building there’s a series of three residential units.

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Each residential area has its own living areas oriented wither towards west or south. This allows them to offer unobstructed views of the nearby buildings and the surrounding landscape. The units are separated by sliding doors and this allows them to have flexible functions. The doors can be fully opened and retracted within closets thus opening up the rooms and connecting them into one large area. When the doors are closed, the rooms are divided and they serve for separate purposes. It’s an unusual design but it serves a very precise purpose, that of accommodating several people and generations under one roof.{found on archdaily}.