Ostrich by Kawamura – Ganjavian

We spend more and more time in front of the computer or at the office because more of our work involves using a computer for typing documents, writing reports, keeping records and so on. So we become more and more static and this can be tiring, especially if you have the same position for many hours.

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Of course you can get up and stretch your legs, but sometimes the only thing you want to do is have a short nap and then continue work with new “batteries” and a fresh perspective. But sleeping with your head on the desk or keyboard is not very comfortable – believe me, I have tried. So why don’t you use this Ostrich instead?

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This “Ostrich” thing that you can se ein the photos is a combination of cushion, cap, pillow and thick scarf. It is designed by Ali Ganjavian and is meant to ease the pain in your neck after long hours at your desk. The name is borrowed from the big bird that hides its head in sand when cared. Well, if you use one of these you will certainly look like an ostrich, but you will feel warm and comfortable and you will  be able to rest with your head on the desk without a problem.