Original Upcycled Camera Lamp

Graduations, anniversaries, weddings, birth of a child, Christmas parties, Easter holiday, summer vacation at the seaside or at the mountains, an exotic escape are perhaps some of the most important events of a person’s life and the most beautiful. Each of these events mark our existence and we try to keep them alive by immortalizing them. Thus, on such an occasion, a camera becomes an indispensable and important object. The films and images that we take will become a sort of treasure of our soul and will offer us the chance to remind of those great moments each time we feel the need.

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Since technology has developed and continues its progressive development, cameras like many other objects became more and more sophisticated and modernized. Thus, we may have different types of cameras at home which used to be very good at a certain moment but which are out of fashion and present no interest for nobody today.

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The following DIY project may give us an idea of how we can do something useful with such vintage cameras instead of throwing them away. The project refers to an Upcycled Camera Lamp which can be done using three vintage cameras, some cold weld, some spray paint, some duct tape and clamps. It will take some time to create such an original camera lamp but it may worth all the effort. This camera lamp will also need a color slide lamp shade which is done separately, using some other materials like: slides, top of a lampshade, a hole punch and some jump rings.{found on starsforstreetlights}.