Original Treehouse by Baumraum Studio

Children love fantasy movies and so do some adults. The King of the Frogs Treehouse is one of those projects that will leave you speechless. Designed by German studio Baumraum and located in Münster, a city in North-Westphalia, Germany, this unique house is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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This original treehouse has a spirit of adventure, it can be a tranquil retreat and a romantic hideaway close to nature. The exterior is clad in zinc sheets and lamellas of tatajuba wood underneath. The walls, floors and furniture are made of white glazed ash that underlines the bright and minimalistic character of the interior. Moreover the terrace rests on four stainless steel stilts just like the cabin itself.

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This lovely 92sqf treehouse is simple and has some great windows that will allow you to take in the surrounding nature. Although it isn’t big, you can also find storage space for an extra blanket or pillow. Another spectacular aspect is that visitors have to reach the staircase across 3 natural-stone steps between water lilies, which is amazing.

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The King of the Frogs Treehouse is an unique and magical place that brings back childhood memories, and with them the desire to climb up and enter a wonderful world. What do you think?