Original Too Tight Stool

When I was a little girl I was fascinated fairy tales. I remember that my mother bought me many fairy tale books of all kinds. The stories with princesses were my favored. I had a book which was so precious to me that I even forgot how many times I had read it. The happy ending when the princess and the prince met and lived happy ever after was my favorite moment. All their adventures and their splendid dresses marked all my childhood.

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The moment I started the fifth grade my teacher of Romanian tried to explain me that I should stop reading fairy tales and begin to read something else more appropriate to my age. I did not like to give up my “Cinderella”, “Snow White” and many other lovely fairy tales but it was necessary for my evolution and development.

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I guess everybody head about the lovely “Cinderella”. It is a great story of a nice girl who had to bear all kinds of humiliations from her step- mother and step –sisters but who in the end became a lovely princess the moment she found her prince. One of the important moments of the story refers when the girl lost her shoe at the prince’s ball and then she ran away. Then the prince tried to find her an every girl had to take on the shoe.

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This part of the story inspired the original design of a stool called “Too Tight Stool”. It is made of a metal frame and a fresh green pillow which seems pushed into this metal frame. Its upholstery center button tries to show that the pillow is the right one for this metal frame, just like in “Cinderella”.{found on avihaishurin}.