Original table with a natural design by Charles Kaisin

Even though we now live in an urban jungle, people have always felt comfortable in the middle of nature. It’s something you can’t control but would rather try to use in your favor. It’s why designers try to create pieces that are reminiscent of elements from nature that we all love and miss. This unusual table is very suggestive in this case.

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The table is a creation of Belgian designer Charles Kaisin. He hosted a dinner during the Art Brussels Fair and he entitles it “The Fantasies of Charles”. There, this table was presented. It’s a 10 foot long dining table with a very unusual and original design. The shape is classical and doesn’t present any strange features. It’s the elements that support the table that are getting all the attention. The top is supported by a series of actual trees.

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This charming table is made from solid oak and beach wood. The horizontal top is pierced by several trees down the center and they pass right through it and continue past the top of the table. The tall trees have branches that touch the ceiling and they were used instead of feet. This way the trunks take the place of evenly positioned legs and they seem to have been placed in random order. Some of the trees only have trunks while others reveal all their beauty.