Original sheepskin footstools by Ali

When I first saw the picture, I did not know exactly what I was looking at… so do not worry if it happens to you, also! Ali, the one who came up with this idea, created the first sheep 16 years ago for her daughter, without even thinking about the impact it was going to have in time. Who would have thought that some sheepskin footstools will have such a great success and will turn into a great business? Not many people!


The sheepskin footstools and seats or the so-called “pets” are made from the finest natural materials and are sold in a variety of colors and sizes. Who is interested in such things? Actually, there are many people interested in these objects, which can be presents for farmers, vets, animal admirers and people who want a trouble free pet. It is definitely an appropriate piece of furniture for a farm, but not only.The price starts from £260, no matter what color or size you choose.

This kind of farm furniture really looks like a sheep and it makes you imagine an entire flock of sheep with white clean wood. The concept proves once again how inventive can some of us be and this should make us be aware of how many good ideas could be put into practice and turned into practical things we could all use.