Original Office Design by za bor Architects

Za bor architects have created a wonderful office design for the Yandex company, more precisely the Kiev branch, in Ukraine. Being one of the most popular Russian Internet segment and constantly developing, the Kiev branch had to move into a new office.

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The architects created an eco-friendly place, an office where you can find comfortable, quirky, cheerful spaces instead of a dull gray area. They also wanted to give it a modern aspect and make it a warm and welcoming place. Having a small space to work with, a tiny 290sqm, they came up with an interesting design. The room is flooded with natural light through a huge arched window that offers splendid views of the opera house.

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Although, it is not exactly the same with the other Yandex offices, designed also by za bor architects, this particular space is very convenient and not overloaded with workspace. There are fifteen workplaces equipped with ergonomic furnishings.

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Another unique space is the reception area where visitors can wait comfortably in a room designed in corporate colors and symbols. Furthermore, the project had an extremely complex geometry that make these offices original and lovely. The Yandex Kiev branch offices are a great place to spend most of your time and we are sure that this design can bring out everyone’s creative nature.