DIY Sod Furniture Brings Fresh Grass At Your Doorstep

The feeling you get when you lie down on beautiful fresh grass can’t be compared with anything else. We often dream about those moments when we’re stuck in our homes or when it’s cold out, wishing there was a way to enjoy them right there and then. The great part is that we can thanks to sod furniture.

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We’re talking about sod-upholstered sofas, armchairs and loungers with which you can replace your regular outdoor furniture or add to your back yard and garden. Using this technique you can basically have a grass couch to sit on in the middle of the desert.

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Sod furniture suits most climates and can be built by pretty much anyone. You can adapt the technique for a variety of designs, using it to create ottomans, benches and even coffee tables. In fact, this actually sounds like a pretty great idea for an unusual outdoor picnic.

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The idea is definitely original and unusual and it opens the door for a lot of creative designs. This type of furniture, of course, requires special maintenance. You’d have to mow it to help the furniture maintain its shape and to help it stay comfortable and beautiful.{found on dornob}.