8 Original Industrial Pendant Lights You Can Craft Yourself

Although building a chandelier or pendant lamp may seem like a complex and difficult project, the reality is this can actually be a pretty simple and breezy activity if you have a clear design in mind and you don’t overthink it. Industrial pendant lights are a good starting point. Their designs are simple and don’t usually focus on the small details.

twinkle chandelier peaches1

This is an original design with a strong industrial look and a few very interesting details. It even has an artistic side, recreating the look of a green fence. All you need for this unusual project is a bulb guard, some cord, a kit and some sparkly metal things which can pretty much be anything you want or anything you can find.{found on auntpeaches}.

Upcycled Farm Pulley Lighting Pendant with Bulb Cages

The design of this pendant light is inspired by a pulley system. You can easily recreate it using the right materials such as two bulb cages and the farm pulley system. Of course, you can adapt the project depending on the supplies you can find.

industrial pendant light diy

Industrial pendant lights make great DIY projects and one of the reasons for this is their low cost. For example, you can make this pendant light for less than $10. You need a mini pendant light fixture, bronze spray paint, sisal rope, a hot glue gun and a metal lamp guard. Find all the details of the project on blesserhouse.

Metal pipes lighting fixture

Another very cheap industrial pendant light can be crafted using metal pipes and fittings. Basically you can mix and match different pieces to create a fixture that looks interesting and offers you functionality you require. In addition, you can make it double as a towel rack if, let’s say, you use it in the bathroom. Check out weekdaycarnival for more details.

Lampshade industrial style

Just because a pendant light has an industrial design doesn’t mean it has to have a rough look, lacking any artistic beauty or charm. In fact, a lot of projects can prove the opposite of this. Check out the design featured on rajudesignblog for some inspiration in this sense. Basically, all you need for this project is a lampshade.

DIY wall Lamp under 40 dollars

Another very simple project can be found on thehomesteady. It requires a short list of supplies including a lamp kit, some craft jute, glue, pliers and a vintage-style light bulb. Assembling the pendant light is easy. But this is not the only part of the project. Building the support that holds the lamp is the other beautiful element.

Industrial Orbit Chandelier

An industrial pendant light design can also be minimalist and modern. A perfect example can be found on earnesthomeco. It’s made using aluminum strips and rivets, some spray paint and single pendant cord set with a ceiling adapter. Check out the full description of the project to find out all the steps you need to take in order to get the design right.