How To Make Paint Drip Decorations For Your Home

Paint drip art is one of the easiest things you can decorate your home with. You can use this simple technique to make a lot of unique and creative decorations. The best part about them is the fact they’ll have personal significance since you’ll be painting them yourself. And because it’s so easy to work with paint in this way you can even let the kids have fun with the project.


If you’re using watercolors, then the project described on designgratislondon should provided you with a little bit of inspiration. As you can see, the paint isn’t actually dripping. You can just use brushes and make it look like it’s dripping while avoiding a bleeding effect. You can mark evenly spaced spots at the at the top of the canvas from where to start the drippings. When you’re done, display your art piece in a frame.

Paint drip wall art

If you want to experiment with paint drip wall art, you should use any leftover paint you might have from when you redecorated the space. If you use paint that matches the wall on which you plan to display your creation you’ll be able to create an interesting visual effect, especially if it’s a strong or dark color such as the black used on theshabbycreekcottage. So take your canvas and pour some paint on it. Put some cardboard on the floor so you don’t make a mess. You can then use a brush to fill it the empty areas and make it look like a big drip.

Simple science for toddlers

We mentioned that you can let the kids have fun with this idea too. You could let them make a drip painting on a regular paper sheet. Place it inside a tray so they don’t make a mess on the table. You can ix various colors in plastic bowls and let the kids have fun discovering new shades. Of course, this project can also be fun for the adults. Check out toddlerapproved to learn how to make a ramp using plastic trays and cardboard boxes.

Acrylic painting for beginners

A very creative idea you can use is offered on easymeworld. The dripping paint looks like rain and you can start from there and create something really cute. Take a piece of paper and sketch a silhouette. It can be a little girl holding up an umbrella or anything else really as long as there’s an umbrella there as well. Then draw this on your canvas and tape and parts that you don’t want to get paint on. Next, let the paint drip. When the paint is dry, remove the tape and add the finishing touches.

Rainbow garden pot painting

You can also have fun with dripping paint in other ways which don’t necessarily involve a canvas. For example, you can decorate your plant pots this way. Take a pot and place it upside down on a magazine or a piece of cardboard. Start pouring paint on it and letting it drip down the sides. Start with a color and then add another and another. You can find out more about the project on kcedventures}

Coffee mug drip painting

You can also do something similar for your coffee mugs. You should tape off the rim to prevent the paint from touching this area. You can then let some paint drip over the sides. A few strokes should be enough. The handle can be painted as well. Let the paint dry and then remove the tape. You should hand wash these mugs to prevent the paint from being washed away is the dishwasher. You can experiment with all sorts of color combinations until you’re happy with the result. The idea also works if you want to offer personalized coffee mugs as a gift to someone.{found on frugalmomeh}