A Few Original DIY Ways Of Displaying Hanging Planters

Hanging planters are really versatile because, well, you can basically just hang them anywhere: on the porch, from the ceiling, in front of a window, from a shelf, and so on. There’s also a lot of room for creativity as you can come up with a lot of great ideas. For example, you can craft the hanging planter yourself or you can customize an existing one.

Colorful Hanging Window Planters1
Colorful Hanging Window Planters4

A lovely and really simple idea is to use a doily and a condiment jar. Basically the jar will be your planter and you’ll use the doily to make a hanger that perfectly wraps around it. Use colored yarn or embroidery floss to make three cords with which to hang the planter.

Hanging clay planters

Another idea is to use clay planters and leather cord. You’ll actually be making the planter from scratch using air dry or polymer clay. Check out the tutorial for this on Burkatron. Once the planter is done and ready to be filled with soil, run the leather cord through the previously created holes. You can then hang it wherever you want.

Colorful copper pipe hanging

An unusual thing to use for such a project is a copper pipe. However, you can see on Abeautifulmess that this can actually turn out pretty great. The idea is simple. You use cord, wooden beads and some thin copper pipes to create a hanger for your existing planters.

DIY Hanging Copper Planter

Another similar project that also uses copper piping pieces is featured on Abubblylife. This time you start by measuring the diameter of the plant pot. Select four copper piping pieces and connect them with 90 degree elbows. Knot cord around the corners and with this you can hang a planter whenever you want.

Wood beads planter hanger

With wood beads you can achieve a similar result. This is a project we found on Thecraftedsparrow. It requires a wood bowl, wood beads, twine or thin rope, gold and white spray paint and tape. First you spray paint the bowl. Use tape to mark the design. Then you start stringing the beads. Make a circle for the base and then four strands that meet up at the center to hold the planter.

Easy hanging planter

A simple method for creating a hanging planter is offered on Abeautifulmess and involves metal bowls, wuick links, brass plated chain and gold spray paint. Drill three evenly spaced holes in the metal bowl. Use gold spray paint on the quick links and screw hooks. Then put them through the holes and connect them at the top. Attach them all to a single screw hook. This one goes into the ceiling.

Diamond hanging planter

Aren’t these diamond planters lovely? They’re actually something you can craft yourself. You’ll need a cutting mat, glue, acrylic paint, foam brushes, leather cord, masking tape, chipboard and a deep cut blade. Once you cut all the chipboard panels you start assembling them using glue and tape. Then paint it and add the gravel and succulents. Hang the planter with leather cord. Check out Thecraftedsparrow for more detailed instructions.

Cone Succulent hanging planters

Using styrofoam, you can make cone planters for your succulents which you can then hang using string. You can actually buy these styrofoam cones and then just re-purpose them into planters. Carve out a well in the center. Push a wooden skewer through the top to make holes for the string. Paint them the color of your choice. String the cones and then add the succulents. {found on erynwithay}.

Rope wrapping plant hanger

An interesting and simple DIY project showing you how to make a plant hanger is offered on Acharmingproject. It uses four beads and yarn but floss or rope can also work. Start with four strings tied in a knot. Separate them in r rows and string one beads through each row. Below each bead, make a knot which connects two adjacent rows. Repeat for the others. Then tie together two rows at a time a few inches below, following the same idea. Below this set of knots, gather all the rows together in a knot.

DIY hanging planter - trio

If you want to hang a set of two or even three planters using the same hanger, make one using wood dowels, glue and rope. You can find a detailed tutorial for this project on Themerrythought. The project works for both individual planters and for sets of two or more. Adapt it to your own needs.