Original dining room makeover

When moving to a new place it’s always chaotic. There’s a lot you have to do and there’s not enough time so you often find yourself overwhelmed. Nevertheless, there’s always something that can help: friends. They can make everything seem easier. Here’s an example that illustrates this affirmation. When moving into this new apartment, the owner felt like giving up. But with the help of some friends here’s how the new home turned up.

Before-After Dining Room

This is the new dining room. It once used to be a bedroom and it’s a narrow room with not so much space. There’s a window on one side that leads to the living room and two others on the opposite side. In order to obtain the look desired, the owner and friends started with the basic: some fresh paint and furniture. In order to make the room seem larger, a mirror has been added. It’s a simple trick that always gets good results.

Before-After Dining Room First Step
Before-After Dining Room

A new dining table had to be purchased as the old one was too big for that room. One window has been taken out and the space was turned into a bar/storage for bottles and glasses. As the space was limited, some chairs had been hung on the walls. A very practical and simple solution. A very interesting and original piece is the chandelier. The jars were an interesting idea. Overall this is a very practical and original new look. This shows us that we can do lots of interesting things without the help of professionals. Just call your friends and have fun.{found on fun.kyti.me}