Original Cast Iron Bathtub Couches

How many of us did not want to let the water flow into the bathtub and then sit relaxed in the warm water after a long day of work? What would you think if this delight would continue and without sitting in the water?

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An exciting modality of relaxation is can be offered by these cast iron bathtub couches. The transformation of a cast iron bathtub into an attractive couch is relatively a simple thing. All you need is a mattress which is set at the bottom of the bathtub, two pillows and a bathtub whose front side was removed. You may also need four legs that will represent its support.

These cast iron bathtub couches represent some interesting and original pieces of furniture which become perfect for those who would like to create a retro or vintage ambiance.

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Sitting comfortably on this type of couch you would experience the same feeling of peacefulness and relaxation as the moment when you take a bath in the warm water of your bathtub.

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These types of couches have the advantage that cannot have broken springs or sponge that are used for the common couches. Plus, your friends will definitely see you as a real eco person.Available for $1700.