Oriental Cuixmala Resort in Mexico

Many of us are in search of a peaceful place that can offer us pleasant moments of relaxation. Although we might want to relax and feel nice sometimes we prefer to combine these moments with some physical work which might bring us the energy and optimism that we need.

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Cuixmala Resort is a place where you can find all these things. It is situated in Mexico, with a wonderful location, on the peak of a hill from where the beautiful waters of the ocean can be admired. Actually this luxury resort represents a great working organic farm, surrounded by a wild natural environment. Here the billionaire Sir James Goldsmith wanted to create Chamela- Cuixmala Biosphere Reserve by purchasing this 25,000 acre land parcel in the late 1980s.Robert Couturier was commissioned by him to design hare a series of semi- ecological casitas and villas.

First, when you see its exterior cupola and the oriental design of the building it makes you think of a peaceful place for praying like a mosque. Then you will be fascinated by the white interiors which create a great contrast with the blue frames of the windows or doors and some other colorful oriental elements inside each room.

Robert Couturier Cuixmala 14View in gallery

Robert Couturier Cuixmala 14

The traditional oriental elements appear all over the place like the design of the exterior pool, the design of the bathroom, the existence of the low sofas with the multitude of cushions, the tall arched windows or the traditional carpets.Cuixmala Resort is a place that will charm you with its wonderful views and its exotic design.