Orian Multicolor Block Area Rug

I went on holiday last summer and I happened to enter a gothic church that was so beautiful that it left me breathless. Its name is not important right now, but I could see there beautiful works of stained glass and that is something really special. Somehow this event was brought back to my mind by this Orian Multicolor Block Area Rug. I found it on Lowes and I loved it at first sight. It is beautiful and nicely designed and coloured. It has some geometric patterns that remind you of stained glass and beautifullu combined shapes and colours. All the different sectors of this area rug are carefully emphasized by the dark lines that make the entire rug look like the canvas of a cubist painter.

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This rug is very easy to vacuum and clean, so it is perfect for modern homes. It is also stain resistant and colour fast and people with children will be very happy to find out these details. It is Jacquard woven in the USA and entirely made of synthetic materials like polypropylene pile. It feels very thick and soft under your feet and keeps you warm even in winter. The surface texture is rich and vibrant and it shows instantly. Feel free to visit the web site for more information and for purchasing details.