Organize Small Metal Items with Magnet Strips

My family is crazy about fridge magnets. They are so funny and have different sizes and designs. But they are very useful, too, as we use them to pin the messages we want to leave for each other and make sure they are displayed in visible places. So when the kids discovered that magnets attract metal things, they started looking around the house in order to find out which objects are made of metal. That gave me an amazing idea that I have also read some place after that: why don’t we use magnets to keep all small metal items together? That could work just fine in bathroom or kitchen cabinets that are not very big and where we usually keep small things that are sometimes made of metal.


It is actually pretty simple if you come to think of it: you simply glue a magnetic strip on the inside of this cabinet door and use it to pin all small items that are made of metal, for example small scissors, tweezers, nail clippers, etc. Just make sure the magnetic strip is large enough to hold all these items because otherwise it will be too weak to hold them together and you will spread them all over the floor the minute you open the cabinet door.