Organic Flour Sack Kitchen Towel

There has been a real craze for organic items lately. I mean people have finally realized it’s a bad idea to keep eating junk food and all that food that is full of chemicals. So they started eating organic food and using clothes made of organic cotton. Sometimes I think this has been gone too far, but at least things are going in a right direction. So no wonder many people want to buy items like this Organic Flower Sack Kitchen Towel. This towel is beautiful and nice, made of organic cotton, cotton that was grown without any chemicals and manufactured and then turned into a kitchen towel. It is then painted with the highest quality fabric inks and printed with the specific Christmas message: Merry Christmas!

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The towel has a simple, yet very nice vintage Merry Christmas and snowflakes print that can be made in three colours. And since the holiday season has just begun, this towel will be the perfect gift or maybe the perfect accessory for your kitchen . You can use it as a Christmas decoration for the kitchen or maybe as a normal tool for drying dishes. Every such towel id hand printed and can be bought for $10. Just make sure you wash it with warm water.