Orchid House by Andres Remy Arquitectos

The Orchid has always been a challenging project which was started from a young couple who had two sons, and they were interested in the development of sustainable architecture. There was a great search done by these couple for the perfect architect and they finally decided to go with Andres Remy who has been researching the architectural concepts at Rafael Vinoly’s Studio in New York for nearly four years now.

Orchid House by Andres Remy Architect1

The impact of the sun’s rays in each room has been studied, in order to place the windows at the perfect depth. This is surely going to produce a unique outcome of this great project. The sun’s rays are the advantage in the winter season because these rays will keep up the temperature during the cold times.

Orchid House by Andres Remy Architect8View in gallery

Orchid House by Andres Remy ArchitectView in gallery

This house is made up of many aluminum windows which also have thermal bridge breakers and the glass is a double hermetic. There was a huge variety of insulation used with the neat water based paint in all rooms.