Opening Up Your Interiors with Inspiring Mirrors

If you have constantly been on the look out for cost-effective ways of achieving instant transformation in your home, try hanging a mirror. Since mirrors are known to have reflection power, they make your space look visually larger than it really is and also bring in more natural light and added ambiance. You can create more impact by hanging them in multiples in your front entry, foyer, hallway, bathroom and dining room. If you are an advocate of frugal living, then the tips below will help you to open up your interiors with mirror inspiration.

double mirrors bathroom vanity
Double vanity mirrors enhance a bathroom

Mirrors in the Bathroom:

You can just begin to imagine the sheer beauty of having mirrors all round the upper walls of your bathroom. If the bathroom is small, the mirrors will reflect the light in the bathroom, pick up the various colors and patterns and make the bathroom look larger. Instead of one large mirror, you can add more drama by opting for a collection of mirrors creatively arranged.

bathroom mirrors idea
Use mirrors to give the illusion of a larger bathroom

Hallways and Front Entry:

It could be that your hallway is usually dark even when it is lighted. If this is the case, hanging decorative mirrors along the wall will enhance the illumination by reflecting the lights in the hallway. Not only do the mirrors brighten your hallway, it also adds visual appeal to the space.  It does not matter whether your front entry is very large or small, if mirrors are lacking there, then it might not hold any appeal. In decorating your foyer, make sure you have a collection of varied sizes of mirrors, for added beauty and function. With these mirrors, while you are able to take a last look as you leave the home, adjust your tie or check your lipstick, it increases the beauty of that part of your home.

hall mirror ideas
Enhance your hallway with mirrors

Dining Room:

Dining rooms love drama, so add mirrors to add reflectance and decorative flair. Whether dining inside or out, your dining room is the optimum place to add mirrors. A lot of drab-looking dining rooms have been completely transformed to amazing spaces with mirror walls. With this type of decor, the space not only becomes aesthetically pleasing but also doubles visually in size.

mirrors outdoor porch
Outdoor dining area with mirrors
mirrors wall dining room
Mirrors add drama to any dining room

Yes, with mirrors, you are able to open up the interiors of your home with huge reflection of light. You don’t have to live with dark hallways, drab-looking entryways or dull bathroom. Bring in natural light and ambiance into these spaces by artistically hanging mirrors on the walls. You can make a whole world of difference and at the same time, make your home more inviting than it presently is with these tips.

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