Open the Door to a More Stylish Home

You might not think much about doors, other than that they let you enter and leave your home, but they can become a fashionable part of your décor. Doors are the first things people see before they enter a room, so no matter how stylish and trendy your décor is, if your door looks shabby or unappealing it makes a bad first impression. Here are eight types of doors to use in your home.

Farmhouse-Inspired Doors.

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Barn Doors are Rustic Yet Fashionable

Farmhouse style doors can be a great way to recycle that old barn door that you no longer like (all you need is a lick of fresh paint). Such doors are a great way to add an interesting outdoorsy appeal to your home – and you don’t even have to leave the city to achieve it!

French Doors.

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French Doors Never Go out of Style

French doors are a classic addition to any home – and currently very trendy. Think about your color scheme in the room before you settle on an idea for a French door. For instance, if you use dark wood or upholstery in the room’s décor, consider having a dark door frame to complement the style. The bonus about French doors is that they work with various décor themes.

Paint the Door a Completely Different Color.

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Doors are a Style Accessory

Sometimes a flash of color can be brought into your living space courtesy of your door. Just paint it a brand new color and watch how it becomes the focal point of the room.

Pivot Doors.

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Revolving Doors are always Stylish

Why stick to regular doors that open and close when pivot doors can revolve? These types of doors are classy and chic, plus if they are transparent they make your living space feel more integrated. The bigger door, the better – oversized doors are a big trend in décor.

Fun Fridge Doors.

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Hide Appliances with Interesting Statement Doors

Doors are not just for entry and exit – they can be used to conceal certain appliances, such as your fridge, in fun ways. Use old doors by repainting them for a rustic, shabby-chic look.

Creative Sliding Door.

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Sliding Doors in Various Materials

Sliding doors don’t only have to be made of glass. You can find great ones made from other materials that add a superb creative look to your home. These sliding doors are also wonderful for use as room partitions.

Blackboard Doors.

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Make Doors Fun

Imagine a fun door that you can draw and write on with chalk? This is a lovely addition to your home, especially for your children’s bedroom doors.

Garage Doors.

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Garage Doors Strike a Trendy Note

If you have transformed your garage into a room, don’t tear away the garage door! Leave it as it is for eclectic, loft-inspired décor that remains on the cutting edge of style.

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