Open space apartment interior design in Madrid

This apartment is located in Madrid and it features a very beautiful and exquisite interior design. The apartment is functionally divided into separate areas. The living room and dining room form a shared space. This area is decorated with tones of beige and brown. The atmosphere is casual and relaxing but also elegant. Small touches of blue and yellow break the monotony and add brightness to the room.

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This is a turn-of-the-century apartment situated in the center of Madrid. It still features the elegant feel of the original design. However, the interior has been remodeled, adapted and updated. It’s now a beautiful combination of modern and classic. The apartment once served as an office. When the current owners found this place a few years ago, they saw the potential it had and decided to start a new project. Transforming it into the lovely and inviting home it is now was a challenge.

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The living area is particularly cozy and inviting. It features two comfortable sofas, a large table with white lacquer finish and a lovely carpet on the floor. The table can be used as a dinner table or a multifunctional piece of furniture that can serve as a desk for example.

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The dining area features a bookcase in the background and a similar carpet. The kitchen and the bathroom were mostly preserved. However, during the restoration they got a more modern feel. The black and white tiles were a beautiful touch. Overall, the apartment has an elegant look and it a combination of modern and vintage elements that make it unique and particularly stylish.{found on micasarevista}.