38 Places to Order Your Gardening Needs Online

Gardening is the kind of hobby that brings almost only benefits. It makes your yard nicer, contributes to planting trees that improve oxygen levels, give insects flower to pollinate, helps you grow fresh produce for consumption, and keeps you outside of the house more, which is always a plus.


So, if you’re the least bit passionate about gardening, we wanted to give you a list of stores where you can gets your seeds and supplies, so bookmark this article and let’s get planting!

The best Online garden stores

Gardener’s Supply Company


Founded back in 1983, what is now an online gardening supply store used to be a mail-in catalogue that would teach you efficient gardening methods. Today, they are one of the top stores in North America, offering everything from shovels, water timers, seeds and plants, soils, fertilizers, and even the tools needed for indoor gardening.



If you’re looking for quality seeds, Burpee is the website to visit. Not only can you find pretty much every type of seed you need, but they also offer a bunch of gardening-related information. For instance, you can set up your grow zone and filter out the products that will only grow in your specific climate and region. That saves you a lot of trouble right from the start.

Home Depot


The Home Depot is the place that a lot of people visit when they’re looking for home improvement stuff, but also for materials for all kinds of crafts of DIY projects. They also sell a bunch of supplies that are useful for gardening, along with information about seeds and bulbs for those of you that have just embarked on this gardening journey.

Trust Basket


Trust Basket is a place where you can go to if you want to get your hands or gardening supplies at good prices. They have quite a generous product offer, including gardening kits and grow bags. You can purchase soil, manure, gardening tools, seeds, yard decorations, and more. We are truly in love with their offer of pots and planters too!



Aerogarden is one of the best structured websites that sells gardening supplies. They offer daily deals that will spark an interest in customers who are always looking to spend money wisely. They offer a bunch of specialized gardening equipment, but there are also plenty of good products to invest in if you’re a gardening rookie!

Seeds Now


Seeds Now has a website design that focuses on giving you recommendations based on their featured items. That means that with a quick scroll through the homepage, you can get a pretty good idea of what are some of the best products they sell, from seed banks and variety packs to seed kits and gift ideas.


Amazon has been and will probably always be the go-to store for worldwide shoppers, regardless of that it is they’re looking for. When it comes to gardening supplies, few websites can beat Amazon’s offer, so if you’re looking for tools and garden decorations, it will have you covered. Their seed offer might not be as tempting because the sellers aren’t always trusted, but if it’s tools you want, be prepared to get lost in the variety of products.



Overstock is the kind of website that people go to when they’re looking for good deals, and while the website isn’t specialized in gardening, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t offer plenty of gardening-related products to choose from. You can navigate through different categories for more specific searches, and expect to find plenty of gardening supplies that match your budget.

Plow and Hearth


Ever since 1980, Plow & Hearth has been offering people gardening supplies that are good and affordable. With 26 stores across the US, their online shop is a gardener’s dream come true. You can find a variety of decorations for your yard/garden. One of our favorite things about the website is the wildlife section, which teaches you how to bring a little bit of wildlife to your garden.

Plant Express

We love websites like Plant Express, not just because you can find loads of useful gardening supplies, but also because they give out a lot of free information that teaches you how to be a more efficient gardener. For instance, you can check out a bunch of how-to videos that are filled with amazing gardening ideas and tips for both beginners and experts alike.

Park Seed

If it’s plant seeds you’re after, this should be one of your go-to stores. With more than 100 years of experience in the field, Park Seed sells everything from perennials to flower seeds, so that you can get everything you need by visiting just this one store. The website is conceived so that you can find everything you’re looking for pretty fast, but it also allows smooth navigation for people who are looking for gardening inspiration.

Greenhouse Megastore

If you want a greenhouse for commercial/residential use, we suggest taking a look at this website. The company is specialized in building greenhouses, but also in selling the supplies needed to make sure your greenhouse is THE place for proper gardening. You can buy ready-made greenhouses or create your own design, too!

Garden Centre Online

If you’re an avid European gardener, here is a website that you might fancy. Here you can find a variety of seeds that will be delivered to your doorstep, but also a generous amount of deals and sales on gardening supplies that will always be of use to you. If you have a friend that passionate about gardening and want to give them a gift, the website also offers convenient gift vouchers!

Monster Gardens

Hydroponic supplies? No problem, Monster Gardens has you covered! If it’s growing systems you’re interested in, here is where you can get the full list of supplies needed to make it happen. If you’re not sure which products to choose, the website also sells kits with all products needed for certain systems. By the way, they also offer online shipping.

JFH Agricultural Supplies

With 40 years of experience in gardening, JFH Agricultural Supplies is website that offers all the supplies a home gardener will ever need. As a family-owned business, you can have the pleasure of supporting a group of people that have poured their heart and soul into this business, offering you everything you need for your garden.

Gurney’s Seed and Nursery

When you’re looking to buy bulbs and seeds, there is really no better place than a nursery, and Gurney’s is just one of the amazing nurseries we want to suggest today. Here, you can find everything you need, from flowers to trees and from shrubs to berries. They also sell gardening supplies, alongside a few seeds that are exclusive to the company.

Plant America Nursery

With a 3,400-acre farm in Tennessee, Plant America Nursery sells a variety of plants that are certified by the US Department of Agriculture. We’re not going to go into their impressive list of buyers, but know that this is one of the places where you can buy some of the best seeds in North America. Oh, they also ship to 13 countries worldwide.

Wayside Gardens


Wayside Gardens is a website where you could get lost in the variety of really cool products if you don’t have a shopping list prepared. Dating back to 1920, Wayside Gardens has gathered a decade of experience in what it means to a gardener, so you can rest assured that they offer quality products for every level of gardening expertise.


If there was ever a competitor for The Home Depot, it has to be Lowe’s. From flowers to gardening supplies, Lowe’s has a little bit of everything, so they’re definitely worth checking out. Every product page has good information that will tell you all the specs and features of the tools you’re looking to buy, including information about the warranty.


With a name that couldn’t be easier to remember, Garden is a website with an impressive offer for gardening tools and supplies. Everything has been carefully divided into categories to make browsing the website easier and faster, so it doesn’t matter if you’re looking to buy pergolas, patio furniture, or pots and planters; you are bound to find everything you need here.

Great Garden Supply

With plenty of offline experience, Great Garden Supply has finally understood the importance of going online, so you can now find them with just a couple of clicks. They have that kind of website that offers complete gardening solutions, with products covered by satisfaction guarantees and a very generous return policy.

Shop Terrain

Shop Terrain is a different kind of website because, instead of offering products that are labeled into the usual categories you see online, they are more focused on what type of gardener you are. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re a true gardening passionate or want to explore your adventurous side, Shop Terrain should have you covered.

Bluestone Perennials

Bluestone Perennials is another family-owned business that dates back to 1972 and offers an impressive selection of shrubs, perennials, and bulbs, into one of the best organized websites we’ve seen in this niche so far. What you’re going to love about the company is the fact that they’re focused on being eco-friendly and offer recyclable packaging and biodegradable pots for planting.

Forest Farm

With more than 5,000 plants to offer, Forest Farm is now a not-for-profit nursery that donates sales profits to nature and art programs. The company’s founders have created Pacifica, an Oregon-based botanical reserve that’s focused on environmental and botanic education. It almost makes you want to buy plants solely from this one vendor, considering how much they invest back in nature.

Garden Crossings

Offering everything from perennials to edibles, Garden Crossings is a website that grew a lot over the almost two decades since it was founded. You can explore a bunch of useful gardening information, but also the thousands of species that will bring joy to your yard/garden.

High Country Gardens

Describing themselves as pioneers in sustainable gardening, High Country Gardens is the kind of website that you want to visit when you want an alternative solution to basic gardening and landscaping. You can even order a pre-planned garden that’s a wonderful investment for first-time enthusiasts.

Brent and Becky’s Bulbs

Another company with more than a century of experience, Brent and Becky’s Bulbs is a nursery that offers a variety of solutions for bulb gardens. You can choose to shop depending on season, which is already a way to give you the information you need when planting bulbs or perennials. You also have high chances of finding amazing discounts on products, making you want to visit the website time and time again.

Easy to Grow Bulbs

If it’s bulbs you’re after, we have one more suggestion for you. Easy to Grow Bulbs is a website that specializes in selling different kinds of bulbs, but also offers a bunch of useful information in the shape of growing guide. You can learn about planting depth, water quantity, or sunlight requirements for the bulbs you want to plant.

Cult Hydro

Cult Hydro is another online store for people who are looking to setup or upgrade their hydroponic garden. From lights to growing mediums, you are bound to find everything you need to start your own artificial garden. Also, the prices are extremely competitive, so if you’re tight on money, it’s the not the website you want to rule out and remove from your potential shopping list.

Fisher Blacksmithing

Don’t let the name of the store fool you, this isn’t a place dedicate solely to the fishing enthusiast. It is a website that sells high-quality tools that are made with durable metal and walnut wooden handles. The craftsmanship is to be appreciated, but it’s also something reflected in the price of the products. It’s not the kind of supply store you would visit if you were really short on cash.

Garden Fountains

A fountain isn’t a requirement when you’re landscaping or setting up your garden, but it something that makes any of these dozen times more beautiful. Drawing inspiration from Italy, this company focuses on sprucing up the area surrounding your home, to make it a dreamy spot and an oasis of relaxation. You can find products that belong to industry titans, and also enjoy expert advice for smarter shopping.

DS Garden Shop


If you’re into landscaping, you have to visit DS Garden Shop’s online store. They have a rich offer of cast-stone products that work really well with the fountain that we’re pretty sure you’re going to order from Garden Fountains. If you want to take landscaping to a whole new level, you can enjoy premium products at decent prices.

Grower’s House

For more hydroponic needs, we’ve added Grower’s House to our list of awesome online gardening stores. You can shop their products by brand, but rest assured that their products are carefully divided into categories for easier browsing. You can expect to find everything from pots, nutrients, lights, plant care items, tools needed for propagation, and even tents and greenhouses.

Irish Eyes Garden Seeds

If it’s seeds you’re after, the Irish Eyes Garden Seeds website is a place you have to check out. You can find a variety of different edibles, but also gardening tools and supplies that make gardening easier and more efficient. There are also a bunch of pest-control solutions that will help you deal with critters that are a threat to your garden.

Nature Hills


Nature Hills is focused on delivering solutions and ideas for landscaping based on your past purchases. You can find seeds for different kinds of plants and trees, with every product being of high-quality and well worth the money. The family-operated company will allow you to select your grow zone and show you the recommended seeds that have the highest chance of thriving in your region.

Blooming Bulb

Quality perennials and bulbs? No problem! Just check out Blooming Bulb to see what good gardening products look like. You can establish your zone from the get-go and avoid wasting time browsing products that won’t grow in your climate. Instead, the website focuses on showing you bulbs that have high chances of growing in your area.

Earth Box

One of the most interesting things about Earth Box is the fact that they focus on helping you lead a healthier lifestyle. They offer different kinds of products that are suitable for indoor and outdoor gardening, such as sustainable and self-watering planters. They also provide a wide array of useful and free gardening information so that you can stay as informed as possible when browsing their website.


In an era of social distancing, how wonderful is it that you can order everything you need from the comfort of your own home and have the items delivered to your doorstep? If you are lucky enough to own a yard or a garden, we encourage spending as much time outside as possible, so if you want to start planting tomatoes or just spruce up the patio, this list of online stores is something you want to have at your disposal.