Onda bathroom vanity by Bandini

Modern bathrooms are very simple and functional, but you can see the good taste from the distance. That is why there are a lot of talented designers who specialized in designing bathrrom interiors and bathroom vanities. It’s only natural to have the disire to take care of the bathroom , too, so it can look as well as the rest of the house. Let’s take a look at the wonderful work of Bandini in accomplishing one of its best collections called “Onda” and you will see my point.

Modern bathroom vanities 6

It is simple, but at the same time so refined, that you forget for a moment that we are talking about bathroom vanities here. It is a colourful spot in a white world and it suggests joy – the joy to be young and alive. The whole collection is made is bent wood, so the material is absolutely natural, only being covered with a shiny and coloured layer for both protection and a nice look. The backlit mirror fits perfectly in this design and so do the orange, but transparent sinks.

Modern bathroom vanities 11

The part of the vanity that is fixed to the wall, but also the small one on the floor is asymetrical, but has a nice round contour. Each piece of the furniture is nicely outlined by a black line on the edge and the entire collection looks soft and strong, reliable at the same time. Though a bit futuristic for some people, I love the originality and uniqueness of its style, the impulse it gives you to start a new day full of energy.