On-time wall clock from Fabrica

People are so busy these days that they seem more to be running than simply walking and they are always in a hurry. They keep their eyes on their watches and mobile phones as if by doing so they will be able to make time stop, at least for a while. Well, we do know that this is not possible, but we still keep the eyes on the watch because we do not want to be late for an important meeting, for work, for school and even for a date. That is why most of us also have a big , nice looking and simple wall clock , usually on the hallway wall. It is very useful when you check the time on your way out, making sure you are not late.

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Some people even use their clocks to “trick ” time, that is they set their clocks or watches a few minutes earlier to make sure they have enough time and , even if they panic, the real time will be enough for them to get in time to the meeting. That is the reason why the guys from Fabrica designed these nice-looking black and white wall clocks that help you be always on time.

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They do not have any special features or possess a little robot that does the chores for you, nor do they have a really loud alarm to freak you out. Actually they are very normal clocks with a particular feature coming from the smart design: the clock arm that is supposed to show the minutes is bent so as to show three minutes later that the time actually is, so you can panic as much as you want when you see the time on this clock and still be on time.