Oliver Martini Glasses

Parties are nice and fun, especially when you are young and have a lot of friends. Of course, you would do anything to make your party look cool and make your friends say you are the best party organizer ever. So you must learn a few tricks in order to keep the standards high. First of all you need to take care of all the details, especially of the way food and drinks look. Quality is important, but also the design, the way in which you display them. So find a set of Oliver Martini Glasses and your job will be easier in an instant.

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These glasses are normal Martini glasses, with the same size and shape, except for the special design. They have some funny patterns on, looking like some little guys sitting in your glass, holding the olive, cherry, lemon or onion you usually put in a Martini.  These glasses do not have a leg, but they look very well like that, focusing more on the detail than on the glass. They are machine made and manufactured in China, but they are very thin, so it is advisable for you to wash them by hand. The decal design with the party guys is really inspired and makes you want to buy them for just $2.95 a piece.