Olivedalsgatan 29, Linnéstaden Apartment

Linnéstaden has offered us many wonderful ideas and lots of inspiration. We’ve presented you a series of chic and stylish apartments from this area and the list still continues. Today we’re going to take a look at this lovely apartment. Although it’s small, the apartment is very beautiful and impresses with its charming and inviting interior design. Besides a stylish interior, the apartment also has a functional internal structure. it has a small balcony and a very beautiful verandah.

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The beautiful outdoor spaces are charming and make this place even more inviting than it already is. The verandah, for example, has a table for two and is surrounded by confortable chairs. This simple décor makes it feel very relaxing. The balcony is just as charming. From there you can admire views of the city and over the surrounding buildings.

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It might not be the most impressive panorama but it’s the detail that gives character to this small space. Also, the views turn this small apartment into a very romantic place, especially at night when you get to admire the lights and the marvelous cityscape.

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Even though the apartment is small, the rooms are not tiny. They all feel spacious despite their size. In this case, it’s the interior décor that sets the mood and dictates the atmosphere. The array of colors used here is based on simple and warm shades. This makes the atmosphere feel inviting and cozy. The style chosen for the interior has a classical charm.

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It’s simple but it’s also elegant while allowing the rooms to feel relaxing and casual. White is an important color, as in the case of most apartments and houses in this area. Still, in this case, the white background is complemented by a series of warm and elegant accent shades that give the décor a classical touch.